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Friday, September 26, 2008

Jon David is 3 months old

It's amazing how fast he grows! I am so thankful we have lots of pictures of him as a little guy. When we got pregnant, we prepared for all of the crying and diaper changes. Little did we know the happy baby we would get! Jon David rarely cries and smiles all of the time! The sillier we are, the more he likes it. Jon and I have turned into "those" parents. Yep, the ones that will do anything for a smile. We are constantly on the move and his capacity for new adventures is endless!!!

After the storm

We are back home and so thankful for minimal problems! Our neighborhood suffered power outages, trees down, TONS of debris and other minor problems. Fortunately, that's it! Neighbors helped neighbors and we got everything cleaned up. Jon flew up to OKC to make the drive back with us. He was greeted by my parents in their OU shirts and JD in a Sooners onesie! We managed to get a picture before Jon took it off! It was a much easier trip home. Jon David and I enjoyed our visit and I know my parents were happy to have us. Well, happy to have Jon David, I'm just there to feed him... We took lots of pictures with his great-grandmother (my Oma) and his great-grandparents on my father's side. I am so thankful that he got to spend time with them!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Please pray for all those in the path of Ike. Jon David and I are in Oklahoma with my parents. Jon is staying at home with Shelby to ride out the storm. I was planning a trip up here anyway, but instead of a nice, one hour flight on Tuesday, Jon David and I spent 9 hours in the car driving up here on Thursday. I'm sure all will be fine and I did have a hurricane kit put together, but you cannot be too cautious with a little one. I did not want to spend 2 days in a closet and who knows how many more without electricity. So here we are, watching and waiting...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Please Help!

This post is for my dear friend Jacque. She is raising money for a great cause. Please click on this link and check out her story. Jon and I support her and consider ourselves so lucky to have her as a friend. She is an accomplished athlete with a HUGE Christian heart. Please donate in any way you can! Thanks!

Baby Feet

Well, we survived Hurricane Gustav. We didn't even get any rain! I don't know how long it will be before we actually get nailed by "the big one". For those of you who watch The Weather Channel, "It Could Happen Tomorrow!" For now, we are thankful for the quiet holiday weekend. Jon David has been "talking" so much lately. He looked at his reflection and said, "Heh!" and then laughed at himself. It was priceless! Everyday it is something new and exciting with him. I just know he will be crawling soon! He "inch worms" all over the blanket. I am amazed at how strong he is. Unless he is tired, we are movin' and-a groovin'. I cannot even imagine actually chasing after him...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Would you just take the picture already?!!!

The looks on these two are priceless! They really are great friends. Shelby loves to lick his ears and toes. He smiles and laughs at her! Any time she goes by, Jon David follows her with his eyes and leans toward her. We wondered how Shelby would take it when we brought him home, but she amazed us all. Not only was she very well behaved, but she was always the first one to run to him when he started crying! She got more protective of everyone in the house, especially Jon David. We love to watch them interact. They may not know all there is to know, but they definitely love each other!