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Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

I was so excited to take Jon David to the pumpkin patch for pictures! He is usually happy and I thought we'd get some great pics. Turns out, we did get some memorable moments, they just were not what we were expecting! Check out the eyebrow in the family photo, it's Jon's face!!! I've seen him do it many times, I never thought I'd get it on camera. As if he didn't already look soooo much like his daddy...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

This one's for Jon!

This post is for my husband who keeps bugging me about adding this funny picture. I have to admit, it's my screen saver and it cracks me up every time I see it. I wonder where he gets his personality from...?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Getting bigger by the day!

Jon David just got his 4 month shots and now weighs 15 1/2 lbs and is 25 inches long! We went to San Antonio for our Godson's baptism and to visit family. He had a great time with his cousin Ella, who is two months older. We had fun, but JD is now off his sleep schedule. It doesn't seem to bother him, but it sure cuts into my free time (and sleep). Bedtime at 10pm? Agh... He is sleeping less during the day, and better at night. I have confidence that bedtime will be back to 8:30 soon!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bleeding Orange...

Ok, here is Jon, Jon David and Shelby in their TRUE colors! We are looking foward to the UT vs OU game this weekend. My parents and Jon have a bet where the loser must wear the other's colors and pay for dinner at Morton's when they come down in November. The way I see it, we are all winners if we are eating at Morton's! Yummy!!!

4 Months

Jon David just keeps getting bigger and louder! He is sleeping better and so are we. One of his favorite activities is laughing at me singing children's songs or whatever comes to mind (including commercials!) The more animated I am, the better. Even though he is still very young, we are starting sign language. We do the sign for "more" and "milk". It's too early for him to sign, but he pays close attention to my hands, so I thought I should start. I am so lucky to be able to stay at home with my bubba and watch him learn and grow!