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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jon David's Birthday

mmmmmm, birthday cake

golf at the Woodlands Resort

Blue Bell!

Jon David has had 2 birthday parties and is having a 3rd in San Antonio soon! We've been so lucky to celebrate with so many friends and family. My Oma and my parents came down from Oklahoma to spend time with us (ok, not us, just Jon David). While they were here, we went down to the museum to see the Terracotta Warriors and up to Brenham to do the Blue Bell tour. My mother took care of JD for a few days so Jon and I could get away to celebrate our 10 anniversary. I have some old photos I'd like to post, but I have to get my scanner set up, and that has been a challenge! Soon folks, soon... I was also sad to find out my video camera is NOT compatible with my new mac, so that video I wanted to post, well, that may never make it up. I do intend to get this blog up to date with all the latest pictures! I hope everyone is having a great summer so far!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jon David turns 1!

Today, my baby is 1. I've been all over the map of emotions! He had a good day, despite the fact he woke up crying in pain. Jon and I flew out of bed just before 7 when he started crying. He so rarely cries, and not in the morning now for several months. We were alarmed and ran right in. Poor guy, it looks like he's cutting 4 top teeth! After some tylenol and 30 minutes of "mom love", he jumped off my lap, ready to play! He is a happy guy and we are so lucky to be his parents! I wanted to post a video of today, but it's too long, so here is an oldie, but goodie! Happy 1st birthday Jon David!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Jon David loves the water. His bath, the dog bowl, my glass with ice, his cup and anything else with water- LOVES IT!!! I'm ready to get him in the pool. I've bought swim suit trunks and tops, hats, swim diapers and sunscreen. He ended up in the pool at his Godparent's house Saturday evening in just his diaper. We were outside checking out their new palm trees when he started reaching for the pool. I bent over and let him stick his hands in. Of course, this was not enough! We stripped him down to his diaper and let him splash. He was mad when we took him out, but I was afraid he was cold. I'm glad I bought myself a new bathing suit because it looks like we'll be spending alot of time in the pool!