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Thursday, December 11, 2008

We have snow!

It's a Christmas miracle, it snowed in Houston! Of course, none of it stuck, but it really came down for a while. I had to wake Jon David up from his nap so he could experience the snow. We took a few pictures and I don't think he was impressed. He was wondering why we were so excited.
Jon David has been eating cereal and yams, so we decided that peas would be next. The picture says it all. I've been making all of his food at home with my new Babycook from Williams-Sonoma. It's the greatest and I am glad I can feed him organic foods.
My bubba, Jon David, is 6 months today. He celebrated by saying his first word... Mama! All day, if I left his side, he said, "MAMA, MAAAAMA!!!" I thank God everyday for my sweet little angel. Now I just have to teach him to yell, "Daddy"!

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this mommy said...

JD is just too cute in that argyle!