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Saturday, May 16, 2009


Jon David is into EVERYTHING. If he's not trying to climb the stairs, he is opening every cabinet and drawer. I can hear you other parents out there laughing at me! I'm laughing too, he's just so darn cute. I follow him around and have the camera ready to capture these precious moments. He has his moments of standing without holding on to anything, but the second he realizes it, he sits down. Doors open, doors close, we could do this one for HOURS! JD does love books, and will hand one to me to read. Of course, I think my son is a genius! When he hears Mickey Mouse music, he brings me the Mickey book. When he hears Handy Manny songs, he brings me the Handy Manny dvd. Hot dog! (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse reference...)


Smithfamilyquirks said...

my goodness he is a busy guy,keeps mama on her toes.

The Daily Stroll said...

Busy little boy! I remember those days with Jonah! I'll tell you sometime about our little Comet incident and a frantic call to poison control! :) I'm not really looking forward to that stage with Meredith!