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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Summer 2009

Summer is gone (even though it's still hot). What a change from last year! We spent the summer inside, hiding my newborn from EVERYTHING. This year, we were all over the place. Some of our highlights... Jon David turned one and had three parties, the Blue Bell tour, museum of Natural Science to see the Terracotta Warriors, meeting Buzz Aldrin, a trip to San Antonio, our 10 year anniversary, my Chi Omega reunion and many days in the sun at the pool. Jon David has such fair skin, I'm constantly coating him in spf. He loves to be outside and the heat doesn't even bother him. I, of course, am dripping and miserable. He likes to play with water and the hose, so we bought him a baby pool. He wasn't so interested in it. He'd rather fill, refill and spill water from bowl to cup and vice versa. He also enjoys playing ball with Shelby. Shelby gets so excited, she LOVES her best friend!

Jon David is getting bigger by the day. He is currently fighting his second ear infection that didn't clear up, so back to the pharmacy we go. He is such a tough guy, even in pain, he still manages to keep a happy attitude (most of the time). He "runs" everywhere. I can't believe how fast he is. Sign language has been great, I recommend it to all parents! He can do the signs for milk, eat, more, tired and hurt. Everyday he manages to amaze me! I know every parent believes their child to be the smartest, but I'm pretty sure mine is :) I can't believe at 13 months he could put his shoes somewhere, take a nap, have lunch and then go find them when I asked where they were. I always talk to him like he understands me, but I was really shocked when he ACTUALLY did! He loves for me to sing "You Are My Sunshine". While I was trying to fix dinner, he wanted my attention, so I started singing. He ran off and came back with a toy that plays that song. I was impressed, that toy was in the back of a drawer. He loves music and singing. It will be a sad day when he realizes how bad my voice is. As for now, as long as I know the tune and most of the words, I'm set!

Before Jon threw his back out...

Jon has had back problems forever, but finally had an mri that revealed a herniated disc. He spent a couple of days literally crawling. He is glad to finally know what the problem is, but most of the activities he likes to do are off limits for now (golf). Good thing it's football season and we just had Direct TV installed. It doesn't hurt his back to keep up with 5 games at a time...

As for now, we are just enjoying everyday. Jon has been working hard, but gets to spend most mornings with Jon David. My big plan is to get reorganized and finish some scrapbooks. I'm looking forward to walks in the cooler weather. Then maybe I'll lose some more of the baby weight. Yes, I realize it's been 15 months, haha. I thank God for our continued happiness and pray the flu and/or swine flu stays far away from us!

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