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Saturday, May 16, 2009


Jon David is into EVERYTHING. If he's not trying to climb the stairs, he is opening every cabinet and drawer. I can hear you other parents out there laughing at me! I'm laughing too, he's just so darn cute. I follow him around and have the camera ready to capture these precious moments. He has his moments of standing without holding on to anything, but the second he realizes it, he sits down. Doors open, doors close, we could do this one for HOURS! JD does love books, and will hand one to me to read. Of course, I think my son is a genius! When he hears Mickey Mouse music, he brings me the Mickey book. When he hears Handy Manny songs, he brings me the Handy Manny dvd. Hot dog! (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse reference...)

Monday, May 11, 2009

11 months

Jon David is celebrating 11 months with his first ear infection :( It all started last week when he started refusing his food. I thought he was just teething, but I made an appointment with the pediatrician just in case. Four hours after I made the appointment, he was burning up with a fever! I had to take him to the after hours clinic and although it took until 10pm, I was glad they were so thorough. It was determined that he had a virus and to just wait it out with tylenol, fluids and lots of love from mommy and daddy.
We did manage to go out for Mother's Day and have a lovely steak dinner. It turns out, we are all sick now! Through it all, my first Mother's Day was still wonderful. I spent the day with my husband and son, and that's just what I wanted to do! I had forgotten what it was like to get up several times during the night. Even though I was exhausted, I held my sick child in my arms, thanking God for making me a mother. He was so hot with fever and I prayed he would get better soon. I hated that I couldn't fix it.
The good news, no fever as of today. The bad, his ears are just starting to get infected. We started antibiotics and I'm hoping his appetite will come back soon. Now, if I can just get through one of Jon David's books without coughing up a lung, we'll be back in business!