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Thursday, February 12, 2009

8 months already!

Jon David has been very busy lately. He has been "inchworming" around the living room for a couple of weeks now, but it has turned to official crawling! Now that he knows he can move fast, he goes! All over the house he roams and my floors can't be clean enough! He does know what "no" means, but he just flashes a devilish grin and keeps on touching the dvr, wii and everything else over by the tv.

Jon and I let him "cry it out" the other night for the first time. It was 4am and we cannot continue to get up to replace the paci. He doesn't eat at night anymore, so theoretically, we should be sleeping more. It was so hard to hear him cry like that, but 20 minutes later, he was sound asleep!

We are looking forward to our first Valentine's together as a family. I got him an outfit that says "My heart belongs to Mommy". Awwww, maybe I need a shirt that says, "My heart belongs to my two Jons"!

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The Daily Stroll said...

Wow, I can't believe he is already 8 months old! Before you know it he will be walking! Enjoy this time with him! It goes by faster than you think! I was just watching videos of Jonah learning to crawl, walk, and talk yesterday and it made be cry because my little baby boy is going to be 3 years old next month! He's definitely not a baby anymore! :(