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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My poor laptop!

It has been a while since my last post, I've sent my laptop to the Geek Squad for repair! I should get it back soon and then I can post pictures of Jon David from Valentine's Day. He got his first cold this month and on top of that, he is cutting his bottom two teeth! I am thankful he went eight months before getting sick for the first time, but it makes me want to cry when I have to hold him down to suck out his boogies with the bulb syringe!
Jon David now eats a full dinner of meat, veggies and fruit! I also (finally) found some teething crackers that are gluten free, so he has been chowing down on those too! Although finding gluten free items has gotten easier since Jon was diagnosed, it's still a challenge to find specialty items like this. Anyone in the Houston area should go check out Hubble and Hudson in the Woodlands. It's a great specialty market with a FANTASTIC bistro. Look for my friend Burt and tell him Jennie Dlg sent you!

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Smithfamilyquirks said...

I do computer issues, hope yours comes back in new working order.
Brody has had RSV the past week and besides worrying about it he was a miserable little guy. Doing alot better. Blessed angels cant tell us much less blow their own noses.
Are you getting geared up for the wedding?