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Sunday, August 24, 2008

One Month

Jon and I were on our own with Jon David. All of our visitors had left and we were excited but nervous. I cried when my mom left, but I knew it was time. It was so intimidating, yet natural for the three of us to fall into a routine. I missed having the chance to nap when I wanted to, as opposed to when he napped. By the time he took his long nap in the afternoon, I was wide awake. We stayed busy because we only had 6 days to get ready for our first trip. We went to San Antonio to see family and friends. While we were there, Jon went to Las Vegas for business. It was the first I was "alone" with JD. We stayed with his brother Chris and his wife Evelyn and their son Joe Anthony. To make our trip more difficult, we took the dog with us too. Shelby is very hyper and only listens to Jon. Joe Anthony was a big help, taking Shelby out to pee and playing with her. She even got to sleep in the bed with him a couple of nights! Let me tell you, the whole experience was trial by fire!

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